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Policy Category: Regulations and Land Use

From Small Steps to Giant Leaps: What Must Come Next for the California Housing Agenda?

On Friday, September 15th, the California Legislature approved a package of 17 bills aimed at putting a dent in the…

Regulations and Land Use

California Steps Forward for Housing

On Friday, September 15th, the California legislative session ended with the passage of 17 individual pieces of legislation aimed at…

Regulations and Land Use

Legislation for Information: Sacramento’s Role in Filling Housing Data Gaps

As California’s lawmakers return to Sacramento next week, it is worth paying attention to current legislative efforts to improve access…

Regulations and Land Use

Right Type, Right Place: Assessing the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Infill Residential Development through 2030

Authors: Nathaniel Decker, Carol Galante, Karen Chapple & Amy Martin, Terner Center for Housing…

Regulations and Land Use

Borrowing Innovation, Achieving Affordability: What We Can Learn from Massachusetts Chapter 40B

Working Paper, August 2016 Authors: Carolina K. Reid, Carol Galante, Ashley F. Weinstein-Carnes…

Regulations and Land Use

Small Houses, Big Impact: Accessory Dwelling Units in Underutilized Neighborhoods

As NIMBY’s (Not in My Backyard) continue to oppose new housing development, a new group of homeowners are saying yes,…

Accessory Dwellings
Regulations and Land Use

State Policy Solutions to the Short Supply of Housing

When it comes to a lack of affordability in housing, it’s no secret that California is outpacing the nation. Average home…

Regulations and Land Use

Why By-Right Affordable Housing in California Is the Right Thing To Do

The following piece was originally drafted as a letter of support for Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed legislation to streamline local…

Regulations and Land Use