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Terner Labs scales critical housing innovations at the intersection of equity, affordability, and sustainability.

Whether supporting ventures from start to scale, launching tools for policy decision-making, or modernizing construction methods, our work aims to spur innovation to fundamentally and equitably improve the housing market.

As a sister organization of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley, we draw on rigorous research and policy expertise to select promising innovators and guide them toward the highest impact. In return, the solutions we field serve to inform better future research and policies.

Our initiatives:

The Housing Venture Lab

The Housing Venture Lab is an accelerator that provides wraparound support for entrepreneurs with new, bold ideas to make housing more equitable, accessible, and sustainable.

Data Solutions Lab

The Data Solutions Lab develops data-centric tools for housing and land use modeling, empowering policymakers, researchers, and advocates to make informed decisions regarding community housing.

Builders Lab

The Builders Lab, a new program launching in 2024, works with emerging leaders in architecture, engineering, and construction to implement and scale industrialized methods that improve housing delivery across the U.S.

Learn more about Terner Labs here.