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An Opportunity

Join a broad base of individuals and organizations who know that better outcomes in housing and real estate mean better results for families and communities. Our funders share our goals of shaping a more effective housing market and more inclusive housing policies. In engaging in and supporting our work, you will help to drive the thought leadership and action needed to realize a more equitable, sustainable, and affordable future for housing.

Champions and Affiliates

The Terner Center encourages prospective donors to join our existing Champions and Affiliates in order to increase our team’s capacity to craft high-impact, research-driven policy that addresses the roots of the nation and California’s housing affordability crisis.

Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Contact Cora Johnson-Grau at cjohnsongrau@berkeley.edu with any questions.

Terner Champion

  • Annual contribution of $20,000/year for 5 years
  • Total contribution: $100,000

Terner Affiliate

  • Annual contribution of $5,000/year for 5 years
  • Total contribution: $25,000
  • For nonprofits & government only