Student Projects

Disruptive Development: Modular Manufacturing in Multifamily Housing

A Professional Report submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Master of City Planning in the Department of City and Regional Planning of the University of California, Berkeley, May 2016

Author: Allie Stein

Reviewing Committee: Carolina Reid and Carol Galante

Since the 1830s balloon frame construction has dominated the development industry in the United States without competition. Recently, off-site manufacturing has changed the way developers; architects and contractors think about building housing. Modular construction is primed to disrupt the way we produce housing on a large scale in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. This report quantifies the benefits of off-site construction, discusses the challenges, and presents next steps for the widespread adoption of this disruptive technology for the development of multifamily housing in the Bay Area.


Housing Development Dashboard study conducted for the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, May 2016

Author: Graham MacDonald

In consultation with many developers, city planners, politicians, and advocacy groups, the author created two models that summarize the relative impact different local policy measures have on housing production. He then weigh the models’ results against potential equity, administrative, and political concerns. The first model describes the effects on the odds that a given project will be built, while the second examines the cumulative impact on an entire city in four local jurisdictions.

Heartwood Commons: Development Proposal

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge 2016

Authors:  UC Berkeley, CalBUILD Team: Genise Choy (MCP, 2016), Alexandra Stein (MCP, 2016), Ashley Weinstein-Carnes (JD, 2016), Daniel Rodriguez (MBA, 2017), Orintheo Swanigan (EWMBA, 2016), Joseph Magsaysay (BArch, 2016)

Team Advisors: Professors Carol Galante and Michael Smith-Heimer

Development Partner: Resources for Community Development

In response to rampantly escalating home prices and rental rates that are sweeping the Bay Area, CalBUILD has partnered with Resources for Community Development (RCD), a well-established affordable housing developer, to bring HEARTWOOD COMMONS, a 145-unit development including 120 new affordable rental and 25 for-sale units, to West Oakland. The project is designed to serve large-family households while also meeting the needs of Oakland’s creative class, which has struggled to retain affordable housing and workspace in the current market, by providing 15 dedicated artist live/work lofts and over 11,000 sq. ft. of programed community art space.