Standing in Solidarity With the Black Community to End Police Brutality

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation stands with the black community and all of those demanding an end to police brutality. The senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others are abhorrent. We are sickened by these deaths and join the countless voices demanding meaningful change in our law enforcement and criminal justice systems. Black Lives Matter.

We also understand that this moment calls for more than solidarity. Black communities have long suffered from a legacy of explicitly racist policies across all areas of American society that continue to persist today. A large part of this structural injustice is enabled by our country’s housing practices—from redlining, to blockbusting, to exclusionary zoning—which sustain white privilege and widen racial inequalities. At the Terner Center, we are committed to research that exposes the ways in which housing policies fail to further principles of racial justice and to identifying solutions that redress those structural inequalities. We also acknowledge our individual and collective responsibility to continuously examine our own practices, structures, and biases to ensure that they are actively anti-racist. We have work to do, but we remain committed to fighting racial injustice through all of our work.