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Policy Tag: Private Sector Innovation

Housing In Sweden: An Overview

With the visit of the Lindbäcks delegation to the University of California, Berkeley during the week of October 16, 2017,…

Cost of Building

Modular Construction in the Bay Area: The Future Is Now

This post originally appeared on the ULI San Francisco Blog on August 2, 2017. After years of abstract discussions and false starts,…

Cost of Building

Too Big to Hide: The Importance of Public Data on the Mortgage Market

Fair lending is the foundation of a thriving economy, both locally and nationally. Access to credit drives home purchases, revitalizes…


Balancing the Tax Code to Relieve Housing Cost Burdens

Of the more than 21 millions renters in the United States who are burdened by the cost of housing today, more…

Rental Housing

Building Affordability by Building Affordably: Exploring the Benefits, Barriers, and Breakthroughs Needed to Scale Off-Site Multifamily Construction

Authors: Carol Galante, Sara Draper-Zivetz, and Allie Stein Release Date: March 2017 As home prices…

union flats modular site construction
Cost of Building

Building Affordability by Building Affordably: the Case for Off-site Multifamily Construction

To remain relevant and successful over time, every industry must modernize and adapt to changing demands and opportunities in the…

Cost of Building

Expanding Access to Homeownership through Lease-Purchase

Authors: Carol Galante, Carolina K. Reid, and Rocio Sanchez-Moyano Release Date: January 2017 In 2016, the rate of homeownership in the United States…


The Fair Tax Credit: A Proposal for a Federal Assistance in Rental Credit to Support Low-Income Renters

Authors: Carol Galante, Carolina K. Reid, and Nathaniel Decker Release Date: November 2016 This paper proposes a new tax credit to assist the growing…

affordable housing complex Irvine CA
Rental Housing