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Past Webinar: California’s Sliding Homeownership Ladder

Homeownership has become increasingly out of reach for many Cailfornians, and new data from the Terner Center indicates that the state lags far behind others in homeownership rates. Those who have been able to buy a home are taking longer to pay them off, which has implications for wealth building and equitable housing outcomes. On Tuesday, August 15, we hosted a webinar digging into our new data on the topic and potential solutions for reversing these trends. Watch the full recording below.

Ellen Martin, Director of Homeownership, California Housing Finance Agency
Noerena Limón, Principal, Mariposa Strategies
Jeff Schroeder, Ponderosa Homes and Chair of the California Building Industry Association

David Garcia, Policy Director, Terner Center

Issi Romem, Founder, MetroSight and Terner Affiliate

Find the slide deck from the presentation here.

Find the full research paper here.

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