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Past Webinar: The Critical Role of Long-Term Operating Subsidies for Permanent Supportive Housing

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation’s recently published brief Permanent Supportive Housing as a Solution to Homelessness: The Critical Role of Long-Term Operating Subsidies quantifies the costs of operating Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)—including both the costs of managing the property and providing supportive services—and examines the implications of insufficient funding on properties, staff, and residents. The paper explores how resident outcomes, including participation in resident services, on-time rent payments, and move outs, were associated with costs. It also shares findings from interviews and focus groups with staff and residents to understand their experiences and how these resources impact their day-to-day lives.

We hosted a webinar to elevate key findings from the research and offer opportunities to discuss policy implications with PSH property operators and service providers from the California Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Carolina Reid, Terner Center Faculty Research Advisor and I. Donald Terner Distinguished Professor in Affordable Housing and Urban Policy

Natalie Bonnewit, Principal, Bonnewit Development Services, on behalf of the Non-profit Housing Association of Northern California

Ann Goggins Gregory, Senior Vice President of Resident Services, MidPen Housing
Cristi Ritschel, Vice President of Resident Services, SAHA
Kasey Archey, Senior VP of Property Management, MidPen Housing
Marc Tousignant, Director, Supportive Housing, Enterprise Community Partners, Southern California

Find the recording here.

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