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Policy Tag: Housing Finance

A Plan to Keep Renters Housed Through the COVID-19 Recovery

With unemployment resulting from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic soaring and the $484 billion stimulus package passed last week…

Rental Housing

The Hard Costs of Construction: Recent Trends in Labor and Materials Costs for Apartment Buildings in California

Read the paper here. For additional resources, see The Cost of Building Housing Research Series.

Cost of Building

The Costs of Affordable Housing Production: Insights from California’s 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

  Read the paper here. See the Technical Appendix: The Limitations of Regression Analysis here. For more resources, see The Cost…

Cost of Building

The Cost of Building Housing Series

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation has launched an in-depth research series that examines the array of costs associated with…

new housing construction
Cost of Building

How Housing Supply Shapes Access to Opportunity

This project explores how supply—how much, what kind, and where housing is being built in the nation’s 100 largest metro…

Communities and Regions

Making It Pencil: The Math Behind Housing Development

Author: David Garcia, Policy Director Release Date: August 2019 Read the paper here.           Related Work:…

new housing construction
Cost of Building

No Place Like Zone: Two Ways California Policymakers Can Encourage Housing Affordability Through the Opportunity Zone Program

Ever since the federal government launched the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program, many questions about the potential benefits and drawbacks have been raised.…

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Regulations and Land Use

Calibrating Policy to Ensure Success – An Analysis of Assembly Bill 1485

The 2019 California legislative session has been a busy one for housing thus far. Dozens of bills have been introduced…

Cost of Building

The End of the Mortgage “Dark Age”: Fintech and the Equity Implications of Disruptive Technology in the U.S. Residential Mortgage Market

As part of our commitment to the education and professional development of UC Berkeley students, the Terner Center highlights exceptional…

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The Effect of Local Government Policies on Housing Supply

The Effect of Local Government Policies on Housing Supply A Housing Development Dashboard study conducted for the Terner Center for Housing Innovation…

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