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Policy Tag: Homelessness

Estimating COVID-19’s Near-Term Impact on Renters

As some states edge into week six of social distancing stay-at-home orders, and Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims average 5.5 million a week,…

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Lessons from the Great Recession for Today: Housing Aid Now!

As I personally hunker down, work from home, and get better at virtual technology as we work to slow the…

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Estimating the Impact of an Anti-Gouging Rent Cap in California

Last spring, the Terner Center published a brief on a handful of tenant protection ideas in California titled “Finding Common…

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Are Tiny Houses Useful and Feasible for Addressing the Homelessness Crisis?

As part of our commitment to the education and professional development…

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The Links Between Affordable Housing and Economic Mobility

Author: Carolina Reid Release Date: May 2018 Full Paper Slide Deck

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Balancing the Tax Code to Relieve Housing Cost Burdens

Of the more than 21 millions renters in the United States who are burdened by the cost of housing today, more…

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The Fair Tax Credit: A Proposal for a Federal Assistance in Rental Credit to Support Low-Income Renters

Authors: Carol Galante, Carolina K. Reid, and Nathaniel Decker Release Date: November 2016 This paper proposes a new tax credit to assist the growing…

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