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Building a Better Ladder of Housing Opportunity in the United States

Read the full framework brief here. Read the executive summary here.

Communities and Regions

Trump Is Clinging to an Outdated Version of the Suburbs

This piece was originally published in The Avenue by the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed earlier this week, President…

aerial of the suburbs
Communities and Regions

Lessons from the Great Recession for Today: Housing Aid Now!

As I personally hunker down, work from home, and get better at virtual technology as we work to slow the…

Communities and Regions

How Housing Supply Shapes Access to Opportunity

This project explores how supply—how much, what kind, and where housing is being built in the nation’s 100 largest metro…

Communities and Regions

Disparity in Departure: Los Angeles Region Supplement

This study was published jointly by BuildZoom and the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley. The Bay Area is undoubtedly…

Los Angeles photo
Communities and Regions

Disparity in Departure: Who Leaves the Bay Area and Where Do They Go?

Authors: Issi Romem and Elizabeth Kneebone Release Date: October 2018 Full Paper…

Communities and Regions

Are Tiny Houses Useful and Feasible for Addressing the Homelessness Crisis?

As part of our commitment to the education and professional development…

tiny home
Communities and Regions

Student Capstone Projects

As part of our commitment to the education and professional development of UC Berkeley students, the Terner Center highlights exceptional…

Communities and Regions

New State Policies Aim to Boost Access to Opportunity Through Housing

In California, the Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) plays an important role in determining where and how Low Income Housing…

Communities and Regions

Housing Highlights from the 2015 American Community Survey

The Census Bureau has just released the 2015 American Community Survey (ACS), the most detailed and comprehensive regular source of…

Communities and Regions