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Message from Faculty Director Regarding COVID-19

These are turbulent times, and our thoughts are with all of those affected by this pandemic. We are particularly concerned for all of the low-wage workers and those without the safety net of paid sick leave. We are grateful that our federal, state, and local officials are taking this seriously. That said, I remain extremely concerned that the response so far does not seem to have a direct emergency housing assistance response. I was in the eye of the storm during the last financial crisis and I have been having déjà vu as I contemplate the ramifications of not acting soon enough—boldly enough—leading to dire consequences down the road. Read my additional thoughts on how to keep people housed now, and mitigate against these longer-term effects on the Terner Center blog here.

In the meantime, the Terner Center team is working hard, even if via telework, to advance our important work while also focusing on supporting our families and communities. In these difficult times we are particularly grateful for our families, friends, and networks of support, as well as those on the frontlines of this pandemic.

Stay well,
Carol Galante

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