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Terner Blog: No Limits

Will Allowing Duplexes and Lot Splits on Parcels Zoned for Single-Family Create New Homes?

Senate Bill 9 is one of the highest-profile housing-related bills in California’s current legislative session, and aims to expand the state’s capacity for smaller-scaled housing, particularly in higher-resourced, single-family neighborhoods. Building on…
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The Uneven Impact of the Pandemic on the Tenants and Owners of Small Rental Properties

Today the Terner Center published the results of a national survey on the pandemic’s impact on landlords and tenants of small rental properties (1- to 4-unit properties). Authored by our Postdoctoral Scholar…
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Universal Vouchers: Ending Homelessness and Expanding Economic Opportunity in America

Earlier this month, our Managing Director Ben Metcalf testified before the House Financial Services Committee at a hearing on whether the United States Congress should advance legislation to make housing choice vouchers…
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Paying the Rent in a Pandemic: Recent Trends in Rent Payments Among Affordable Housing Tenants in California

A new study from the Terner Center provides a window into the uneven impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on California renters and the mounting rental arrears that tenants are facing as the…
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Community Land Trusts and MH Advantage® – A New Approach to Affordable Homeownership

A new blog post authored by Cali Slepin and Julian Tucker offers an overview of their UC Berkeley Master of City Planning capstone project working with the Housing Land Trust of Sonoma…
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The Complexity of Financing Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Housing

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program has been the most important source of new affordable housing in the U.S. in recent decades, producing over 3 million new homes since its introduction…
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