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Terner Blog: No Limits

Construction Defect Liability in California: How Reform Could Increase Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

Condominiums—homes for purchase in multifamily buildings—have long represented a major entry point for more affordable homeownership. However, condominium development has significantly lagged across California over the past several decades. California’s construction defect…
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Making Missing Middle Pencil: The Math Behind Small-Scale Housing Development

In recent years, state and local policymakers have passed legislation aimed at expanding construction of smaller-scale housing types, such as duplexes, fourplexes, and small apartment buildings collectively referred to as “missing middle”…
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Past Event: Building Stronger Homelessness Systems: Strategies for Effective Coordination

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation and Homebase hosted a webinar looking at the importance of strong coordination within local homelessness systems. The webinar focused on practical strategies to build and strengthen…

What Small Multifamily Rental Property Owners Tell Us About Implementation of Tenant Protection Laws

A new analysis, authored by Research Associate Shazia Manji, explores landlord awareness of tenant protection laws and draws on survey findings collected during our previous study, published in January, on the ownership…
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Making It Pencil: Can We Get Housing for Middle-Income Households to Work?

For middle-income Californians, housing affordability has worsened significantly in recent years. Yet few policy interventions or housing programs directly target this population. Building off our previous work modeling the math behind housing…
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Graphic with housing development, pencil, calculator, and hard hat

Affordability for Whom? Introducing an Inclusive Affordability Measure

A new paper and interactive tool from the Terner Center, authored by Dan Shoag and Issi Romem at MetroSight and our Faculty Research Advisor Carolina Reid, introduces a new approach to measuring…
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