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The Housing Lab was initiated by the Terner Center in 2019, and now lives in an independent non-profit, Terner Labs. Applications for the next round of ventures will open in 2021.

As one of the leading housing policy research centers, the Terner Center was often asked to advise early-stage housing ventures on issues related to the unique regulatory and financing challenges in the housing market. We realized that there was a void of support for entrepreneurs trying to solve core issues in the housing market that we were uniquely qualified to fill. We saw a potential interplay between policy research and new ideas that could help advance innovative practices.

With the above opportunity in mind, we designed a program to support ventures in scaling their products. Our ultimate goal was to create a network of companies and mentors dedicated to providing solutions to housing affordability; a place where policy researchers and government leaders could learn and find better solutions alongside leading innovators.

Although the housing crisis is a complex problem that cannot be solved by innovation alone, entrepreneurs play a key role in contributing to the solution.

Learn more about the Housing Lab here.