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Building a Better Ladder of Housing Opportunity in the United States

Read the full framework brief here. Read the executive summary here.

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Recession and Recovery: The Critical Role of Housing Assistance in Promoting Economic Security for Low-Income Households

Author: Carolina Reid, Faculty Research Advisor Research Assistant: Beatriz Stambuk-Torres Read the full analysis here.

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Rental Housing

COVID-19 and California’s Vulnerable Renters

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated, another rent day has come and gone. But August 1st marked a new chapter in…

CA Households Job Loss Map
Rental Housing

COVID-19: Housing-Focused Needs and Responses

As the COVID-19 pandemic and the efforts to slow its spread reshape life in the U.S., the economic impacts are…

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Rental Housing

Four Tools for Stimulating Economic Recovery Through New Homebuilding

Authored in collaboration with Sarah Karlinsky, SPUR High housing prices threaten California’s future. Today, over three million California renters spend…

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Regulations and Land Use

A Plan to Keep Renters Housed Through the COVID-19 Recovery

With unemployment resulting from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic soaring and the $484 billion stimulus package passed last week…

Rental Housing

Estimating COVID-19’s Near-Term Impact on Renters

As some states edge into week six of social distancing stay-at-home orders, and Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims average 5.5 million a week,…

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Lessons from the Great Recession for Today: Housing Aid Now!

As I personally hunker down, work from home, and get better at virtual technology as we work to slow the…

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